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Selection method of hardware hinge
There are many different types of hinge mounted cabinet: ordinary hinge without buffer, sliding in hinge, quick mounting damping buffer hinge, rebound hinge, special angle hinge, large angle hinge (135 °, 165 / 175 °), angle cutting hinge, embedded hinge, cross hinge, sky and earth hinge, butterfly hinge, punch free hinge, American hinge, short arm hinge, etc. the types are not Often. Generally, the hinges commonly used in kitchen cabinets at home are damping and buffering hinges (full cover, half cover, inner door), large angle hinges, angle hinges, rebound hinges, aluminum door hinges, etc.
Hinges are small but large
The quality hinge feels thick and smooth. Moreover, due to the thickness of the surface coating, it looks brighter. This kind of hinge is strong and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity. The cabinet door can be stretched freely, and the door will not be closed tightly. The poor quality hinge is generally made of thin iron sheet by welding, which is not so bright visually, rough and thin.
Hardbound bathroom enterprises should be self-reliant and bloom new flowers in adversity
With more and more customized demands, the traditional complete set of bathroom cabinets can no longer meet...
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