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Hinges are small but large
Time: 2023-03-28

What is the cabinet hinge? Can't you say it? Let me tell you, the cabinet hinge is one of the common accessories used in every cabinet. How to choose the cabinet hinge?
I. how to choose cabinet hinge
1. Look at the material and feel
The quality hinge feels thick and smooth. Moreover, due to the thickness of the surface coating, it looks brighter. This kind of hinge is strong and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity. The cabinet door can be stretched freely, and the door will not be closed tightly. The poor quality hinge is generally made of thin iron sheet by welding, which is not so bright visually, rough and thin.
2. Field test
At the purchase site, you can try several more hinge samples. Good hinges open with gentle force channel and even rebound force, while poor quality hinges have almost no rebound force.
3. Check the market
When you buy, you should not only look at the brand, but also pay more attention to the specific place of origin. Of course, the price of a good product may be much higher than that of a general product. However, the kitchen needs a limited number of hinges and undertakes the most work. It is believed that it will be the most affordable choice to install several "capable" hinges for its own kitchen.
4. Ask more
In view of the mixed phenomenon in the kitchen hardware market at present, consumers also need to ask more when purchasing brand hinges, to see whether the hinges are two-stage or one-stage force, and the two-stage force is relatively good.
This mainly depends on the spring force in the hinge. Due to the large spring elasticity of two sections of force, the spring elasticity of the cabinet door when it is opened from 0 to 15 degrees is the same as that when it is opened from 15 to 90 degrees; while the spring elasticity of one section of force is small, so the spring elasticity of the cabinet door when it is opened from 0 to 15 degrees is significantly greater than that when it is opened from 15 to 90 degrees, which shows that the speed of the cabinet door when it is opened from 15 to 90 degrees is significantly slower. In addition, the hinge with bad spring has poor elasticity and is easy to be damaged.
II. Three major points of cabinet hinge selection
Inspection report is indispensable
When asked about the test report, many businesses will show the test report of raw materials. In fact, what the state requires is the test report of the finished furniture, which needs to show the formaldehyde content. Raw material test report is not a substitute for finished product test report. Consumers need to polish their eyes at this time to avoid false and true business.
After sales service is the guarantee
Can provide high-quality after-sales service merchants must have a strong confidence in their products. From all aspects, the product quality will be relatively high, on the contrary, consumers should try to avoid choosing cabinets that seem to be very attractive in price and poor in security, especially those without warranty period, which will cause trouble for future problems of the product.
Pay more attention to details
Whether there is arc treatment at the edge of the table to prevent collision, and whether the door opening angle of the cupboard will hit the body, these humanized designs should also be factors for consumers to choose cupboards. The selection of hardware accessories should not be ignored. Slide rails, hinges, pull baskets, drawer handles and other samples are important, especially the installation of the cabinet, which must be balanced and firm, or there may be a great potential safety hazard. Including whether the edge sealing of the cabinet is tight, whether the feel is straight and smooth, high-quality edge sealing can not only extend the service life of the cabinet, but also bring good protection to the health of the cabinet.
How to choose the cabinet hinge? Most cabinets have already installed the hinge when they are made, and people don't need to choose to buy it extra. If you want to buy the hinge, you can look at the three major points of the cabinet hinge purchase. Knowing these contents, when you buy the hinge, it will be simpler, more convenient, and also help to buy a good cabinet.

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