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Selection method of hardware hinge
Time: 2023-03-28

There are many different types of hinge mounted cabinet: ordinary hinge without buffer, sliding in hinge, quick mounting damping buffer hinge, rebound hinge, special angle hinge, large angle hinge (135 °, 165 / 175 °), angle cutting hinge, embedded hinge, cross hinge, sky and earth hinge, butterfly hinge, punch free hinge, American hinge, short arm hinge, etc. the types are not Often. Generally, the hinges commonly used in kitchen cabinets at home are damping and buffering hinges (full cover, half cover, inner door), large angle hinges, angle hinges, rebound hinges, aluminum door hinges, etc.

Generally speaking, most of them are used. The hinge at home should be installed with damping effect as far as possible, so as to avoid the crash sound of sudden opening and closing and prevent hand clamping. As for the selection of full cover, half cover and inner door, it is based on the actual plan of the designer that you make the cabinet. Generally, the cabinet body that shares the side plate is equipped with half cover, inner door or full cover, which you like.

The application of different hinges is different. The quality of hinges is generally evaluated from the material, electroplated layer, structure and test report. However, most of the products purchased by the buyer mainly from the regular channels can pass the opening and closing test for at least 40000 times in accordance with the national standard. Many brands can achieve 80000 to 100000 times. The anti rust ability can reach at least 48-96 hours of neutral salt spray test Up to level 9. Secondly, compared with the appearance material, the hinge is generally made of iron nickel plating and some of 304 stainless steel. First, look at the electrodeposited coating. If you can see that the hinge cup has black spots, it proves that the plating is not good enough and the electrodeposited coating is thin. Most of them are first copper plated and then nickel plated. Check the smoothness and burr. At last, we can see the damping effect. The time of opening the hinge to close is about 7 seconds, which is the best. The damping selection of opening small angle can have the buffering effect. Then, if there is any hydraulic damper such as oil leakage in the buffer, the brass damper is better. At present, many brands have other damping accessories to replace the hydraulic damper, which is to prevent the aging of the hydraulic damper from oil leakage and other reasons. After that, check whether the spring plate and the U-shaped pin are closely matched, whether there is two-dimensional and three-dimensional adjustment, and whether the hinge is installed, and then open and close the test to see Whether it can be completely closed, whether it is stable and does not shake, etc.

For a mistake, it is believed that the heavier the hinge, the better the quality, in fact, it is not necessarily that the heavy part is caused by the different proportion of the content of iron or low carbon steel with metal buffer and its own material. At present, many hinges are moving towards lighter, easier to install, more beautiful colors, more durable, more rust proof and more stable use.

The above is based on my understanding and understanding of the industry. If you have different views, please forgive and give more advice.

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